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Calling all runners

Ever wondered why you run the way you do? Why you cant go longer? Faster? Further? 

Its no surprise that we are all different. No two runners are the same. Ive got a friend that runs with ease and completes distances with little or no training. Whilst like most of us I have to put in hard work and many hours of training and still its hard. So why do some people find it easier than others. A lot of it can be in our genes, what we did when we were younger and our lifestyle now. At The Perrymount clinic we want to help you understand better why you run the way you do. What muscles you use most and what ones you use less of. What joints move well and what ones don’t. How your foot mechanics influence your running. 

Whether you are embarking on your first marathon or are an experienced seasoned runner we might be able to help answer some of these questions. 

Come and see us for our new runners assessment package. This includes an hours movement assessment including ;

  • Treadmill video analysis
  • Footscan
  • Joint and muscle movement analysis
  • Follow up consultation and advice

The runners assessment package costs £130 and is over two appointments at the clinic. The first appointment takes an hour with a 30 minute follow up appointment. 

Go on, It might just help you run smarter.

Call 01444 410944 to book this special offer for runners

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