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Issues with Acne? Homeopathy Remedies to the rescue!

Issues with Acne? Homeopathy Remedies to the rescue!

"I have been receiving Homeopathic treatment for hormonal related issues, especially Migraines and Adult Acne. I have seen a fantastic improvement in both these areas with dramatically reduced migraines and the clearest skin I have had for years. I now turn to homeopathy for a number of health or emotional problems. Kathryn is a wonderful Homeopath and has made a huge difference to my physical and emotional well being. Thank you."

-Naomi, Worthing

Acne can have a severe effect on our confidence and often leads to low self esteem and in some cases depression. The options conventional medicine offers people is the contraceptive pill for teenage girls and women or antibiotics for men. The pill has a huge impact on the rest of our health and antibiotics can have a drying effect on the skin. They also ruin our gut health.

Homeopathy is an effective and gentle way of healing your acne without the unwanted side effects produced by other medicine. In my experience it’s never neglect or poor hygiene that results in acne. If anything, I find that those people with skin conditions make extra effort and take special care of their skin. I can recommend dietary adjustments which can reduce inflammation and go along way in supporting general health, but more than anything I have found treating the person in front of me with well indicated remedies is enough.

There are many homeopathic remedies suited to acne and it’s my job and my pleasure to find the most suitable medicine for you. Homeopathy celebrates the individual person and 10 different people receiving homeopathic treatment for Acne would quite possibly all need different remedies. That’s because for a remedy to have a curative effect, and return your skin to a bright, clear and healthy state, we need to understand the unique characteristics of your acne and your general state of health too.

I use safe methods that are very effective. Often I will give you two different remedies. One to be taken daily to support your body systems. For example this might be a remedy to balance your hormones or something to stimulate the digestive system. Then another remedy to support physical and emotional being sometimes called a constitutional remedy. Each person is unique and their type of acne will express itself in a different way. Tissue salts can also be really useful too as they can soothe your skin as healing takes place. 

I understand many people who have suffered with acne for years believe they will never have a clear skin again. But it is possible, and it’s a privilege helping you to get the skin you want and will love.

Most homeopathic remedies are included in the price of the consultation. 

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