Emma-Louise Newlyn

Holistic Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Lecturer & Writer

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Emma is an experienced Yoga teacher and teacher trainer, therapist, and regular contributor to UK health and wellbeing magazines such as Breathe. Her life long relationship with therapies, meditation and alternative health has given Emma a deep understanding of the importance of treating each patient as an individual, and providing the comprehensive benefits of mind-body medicine.

Emma has worked extensively with people of all ages and a wide range of health conditions, as well as leading international and UK Yoga & Wellbeing retreats. Emma is a lecturer of Yoga philosophy, Ayurveda and natural health, and offers workshops at The Perrymount on these topics.

Holistic Massage

A deeply relaxing and rejuvenating full body massage combining Swedish body massage techniques, head massage, acupressure and natural oils. Intended to bring the body and mind back into balance, this type of massage can effectively reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety, whilst helping improve sleep, circulation, discomfort, aches and pains, digestion and general wellbeing.
(1 hour)

Reiki & Breathing Techniques

This form of therapy works to release stress and tension by cultivating deep relaxation. Focussing on the body’s energy, Reiki can help un-block stagnant or stuck areas of ‘chi’ or ‘life force’, promoting greater wellbeing and paving the way to enhanced health. In order for the body to heal effectively and maintain optimal health, it must be relaxed and balanced – Reiki is an effective way to create the conditions for a stronger, healthier, and more balanced body and mind.
(30 minutes) / (1 hour)


Emotional Freedom Technique is a powerful way to significantly reduce stress and anxiety, as well as getting to the root of problems so they can finally be released and cleared. EFT uses the ‘tapping technique’ on specific acupressure points and a form of psychotherapy to help resolve many issues such as stress, anxiety, chronic pain, trauma, addictions, phobias, behavioural issues, relationship problems, self esteem issues, and many other challenges.
(1 hour)

Emma is at The Perrymount Clinic at these times

Wednesday 2 pm - 6 pm

To book an appointment please call 01444 410944 or click here to book online