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Michael Jarvis

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After working and managing teams in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry, Michael decided to leave and retrain as a massage therapist. He trained at the London School of Sports Massage (LSSM) and qualified as an ISRM Certified clinical sport and remedial massage therapist in 2016. He has since passed professional development courses and diplomas in Forearm & Deep Tissue Massage, Kinesio Taping and Hot Stone massage.

It was through triathlon, running, playing golf, and surprisingly through working in offices over the last 20 years (aching neck, back, wrists) that Michael became fascinated in massage not only as a means to recover from injury, but also to prevent it. Being so active and hating being injured, he would have massage treatments to help recover from those aches and niggles, and he soon realised the treatments also helped prevent those aches and niggles.

He also discovered the benefits of massage for his mental and emotional well-being. Simply put, he had discovered the full range of benefits that Remedial Soft Tissue Therapy can offer and his passion for massage as a therapy was born. He has since become fascinated by the musculoskeletal system, and how the various massage techniques, plus improvements to a person's posture and strength, can help relieve people from their chronic pain and stiffness.

Each of his treatments are tailored to the needs and goals of the individual, whether it be to relieve everyday postural aches and pains, prepare for and/or recover from surgery, manage both pre and post event training, or to simply zone out for an hour or more. They include assessment, treatment, and if needed, rehabilitation advice.
He is a full member of the Institute of Sport and Remedial Massage (ISRM) and have professional indemnity insurance and first aid training.

His qualifications/training

BTEC 5 Diploma in Clinical Sports & Remedial Massage (London School of Sports Massage)
Forearm & Deep Tissue Massage (Jing Advanced Massage Training)
Diploma in Hot Stone Massage (Brighton Holisitics)
Kinesiology Taping (ProActive Training)
Taping & Strapping (ProActive Training)
FAA Level 2 Emergency First Aid At Work (QCF)

Events Worked

2016 Brighton Marathon (Friday pre-event)
2016 London Marathon (Sunday post-event)
2016 Oxfam/Ghurka 100km South Downs Trailwalker
2017 Brighton Marathon (Fri-Sun pre & post-event)
2017 London2Brighton 100km Challenge
2017 South Downs Way Ride
2017 Oxfam/Ghurka 100km South Downs Trailwalker

Treatments Michael offers:

Sports & Remedial Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Swedish Massage
Hot Stones Massage

Spreading the word.....The different types of Massage Therapy on offer at Perrymount by Michael Jarvis

Michael Jarvis (Remedial Soft Tissue Therapist) is our latest addition to the team! Below, he introduces the different types of massage therapy that he is bringing to the Perrymount.

Remedial Soft Tissue Therapy - Sports & Remedial Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Swedish Massage

....and coming soon, Hot Stones Massage (to be featured in a future blog)


What is it?

Remedial Soft Tissue Therapy is the assessment, treatment and management of minor and chronic soft tissue injury, pain and dysfunction primarily of the neuromusculoskeletal system (muscles, fascia, tendons & ligaments). These aches and pains can be brought on from repetitive or sudden physical exertion, poor posture, and emotional/psychological stresses. After an initial consultation & assessment to fully understand the nature of the problem, the Remedial Soft Tissue Therapist will then choose from a wide range of techniques including sports & remedial massage, deep tissue massage, swedish massage, soft tissue release, muscle energy techniques, neuromuscular trigger pointing, and passive/active stretching exercises to treat the client. Often, the treatments will include a discussion around rehab exercises that the client can take home and use to help mend and strengthen the affected muscles.


  • it focuses on the area of muscular dysfunction in order to help speed up the healing process.
  • it is beneficial for those recovering from an injury, recent surgery, or for those trying to correct chronic issues like poor posture (eg from sitting at desks).
  • it is also ideal for the physically active who are training for and/or recovering from an event, or those who regularly perform (eg dancers). If incorporated into their training and recovery plans, it can be effective in helping them avoid injury, sleep and train better, and ultimately, perform at their highest level.


What is it?

Deep Tissue Massage is more of a therapeutic massage (rather than clinical). Using mainly thumbs, forearms and elbows, the therapist will apply a much deeper pressure, much more slowly, than you would normally experience. The amount of pressure can be adjusted by the therapist to suit the client! But the idea is to take you to the edge of what you can comfortably withstand, enabling the therapist to reach the deepest tissues. You will feel pummelled and rolled out by the end of it, albeit safely!


  • if you are someone who is carrying alot of stress in your body, maybe even struggling to sleep, who is aware of the tension and knotty muscles in your shoulders & neck, back and legs, and who wants to zone out for 60-90mins, then a deep tissue massage could be what you need.
  • relaxes and re-aligns tight and shortened muscles relieving muscular pain and tension, helping you to relax, and improve your posture.
  • for a full body massage you will need 90 mins.
  • 60 mins is ideal for a back & shoulders, upper glutes and hamstrings, and neck.


What is it?

  • Swedish Massage is also a therapeutic massage, similar to Deep Tissue Massage, but with the therapist applying a light to moderate pressure. The focus is more on achieving a calm and relaxed state using both short and long, rhythmic strokes. Knots and areas of tension are kneaded away gently, helping to release in you that wonderful sense of well-being.


  • Relieves emotional & psychological stress, enhancing your 'me-time' away from your busy life.
  • relieves muscular tension and pain, increasing tissue pliability and flexibility.
  • improves circulation, helping nutrients flow around the body, while flushing out the metabolic waste.
  • leaves you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.
  • a full body massage can be achieved in 60 mins.

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