Becky Williams

Life can be uncertain and tough at times. During our lifetimes we will almost certainly face a variety of challenging experiences including loss, ill health and difficulties in relationships. Coming to counselling or psychotherapy can be an important part of looking after yourself, keeping you emotionally well and helping you through life’s difficulties.

Counselling and psychotherapy is not about giving advice, but will help you to find your own way in making sense of your self, your relationships and your world.

People attend for a range of reasons, but here are some of the issues that talking therapies can help with:

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Talking therapies can be very helpful in enhancing our self awareness and understanding repetitive patterns and behaviours. However, sometimes our life experiences (eg. trauma or abuse) can become stuck on a physical level, cause neurological blocks that make it difficult for personal development to occur, or cause unhelpful physiological symptoms such as anxiety or panic attacks.

This is where combining talking therapies with yogic practices such as breathing, meditating or restorative yoga can work together very effectively in healing the body and mind from a top-down and bottom-up approach.

Yoga therapy for emotional wellbeing can be helpful with stress, anxiety, depression, trauma and stress related conditions such as CFS, insomnia, chronic pain, panic attacks.

Book a one off session, or a course of 4-6 sessions. Each session will last 50 minutes and costs £50.
Sessions will compise a combination of talking therapy, simple yogic practices such as short meditations, breathing exercises, restorative relaxation and yoga nidra. You may be asked to complete a short practice as homework between sessions. No previous knowledge or experience of yoga is required.

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