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Maria Winslow, Elle Winslow & Clare White

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Winslow Skincare: the leading, expert provider of results driven skin treatments in West Sussex

With only a few Dermalogica Expert Level therapists in the UK, a treatment with Winslow Skincare is a very different experience to the usual beauty salon or spa. Meeting any of our therapists at Winslow Skincare is the first step on the road to better skin. During the initial consultation we will take the time to find out what you wish to achieve and then tailoring the treatments to give you immediate, visible results. We help clients of all ages and with a variety of conditions receive tailored treatments and education on how to look after their skin.

We have treated over 200 Anti-Ageing clients in Haywards Heath and our two skin therapists, Maria and Elle have over 23 years combined experience. All out treatments take place in a natural health clinic based in Haywards Heath. We use Dermalogica products which are leading choice for skin care professionals worldwide, with over 100,000 therapists worldwide in 80+ countries and 324 awards currently to date. We also use CACI Non-Surgical which has recently been voted the UK’s most requested Non-Surgical Treatment and was voted the UK’s most effective Anti-Ageing treatment by the Professional Beauty Magazine.

A new skincare experience

With a true passion for skin care and their clients, Winslow Skincare’s high level of service does not end at the end of your treatment. More than just pampering; Winslow Skincare treatments are 100% personalised and focused on achieving results. Between appointments the Backstage at Winslow Skincare online service can provide ongoing support and answer any additional questions.

Winslow Skincare’s relaxing treatments take place at the Perrymount Clinic, Haywards Heath renowned for its hospitality and warm welcome. Both Elle and Maria continually keeps abreast of the latest developments in skin care using the latest techniques and science-led products. They both have vast experience in the field of anti-aging treatments and early skincare for young people and regularly helps with skin problems such as Rosacea and teenage and adult acne.
Call 01444 410944 today to book your appointment with Maria or Elle and start your journey to a healthy and happy skin.

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