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A recent and lovely testimonial from a midwife about Christian’s treatment for their baby with reflux…

I'm a local community midwife who has met Christian professionally and read his book calming colic, out of interest as a mum and a midwife. In September I gave birth to my 3rd child.  At 3 weeks old my baby girl started getting colic. Something I was familiar with, as my other two children also suffered from colic until 3 months old. This time was slightly different though. My baby cried lots and lots and the only time someone didn't have to hold and cuddle her to stop her crying was when she was asleep. Trying to look after 2 other children whilst comforting my distressed baby was awful. Then at 5 weeks my baby became unwell with viral colitis resulting in her suffering from explosive watery nappies and blood in her stools. The GP unfortunately was not overly supportive so I contacted Christian out of desperation. 

When I saw Christian his knowledge and experience of treating babies was outstanding and he diagnosed my little girl with silent reflux.  Christian also suggested a probiotic for us both to take to normalise her bowel movements which then settled and normalised within a week. The osteopathy treatments on my little girl were relaxed and I was able to hold and cuddle my baby as needed. Following the first treatment I went home and looked up silent reflux. It perfectly described her symptoms. Once we knew what was wrong, it was easier to soothe my baby, keeping her upright, tilting the cot etc.  We saw Christian for a course of 4 treatments, with each treatment we saw positive improvements and at the end of the 4 treatments my baby was much more settled and was happy lying flat. She also stopped bringing up feeds. 

Unfortunately after a month or so of all being well my daughter had a cold and then had her vaccinations and she seemed to become very unsettled again. 

The GP prescribed my daughter Gaviscon and ranitidine. Gaviscon unfortunately made my daughter constipated resulting in further distress and as I was Breast feeding it was difficult administering the gaviscon as you add it to milk feeds. The ranitidine did work but if I missed just one dose I had a screaming inconsolable baby. It was incredibly distressing. 

I contacted the Perrymount again and revisited Christian. He treated her for her reflux, but also addressed her poor sleeping and her constipation. The change this time within one treatment was amazing. Instantly I was able to stop all medicines and she finally started sleeping 6 hours a night continuously. I now have a very happy normal baby girl who likes lying on the floor playing on her activity mat, and finally enjoys tummy time.  I'm sure if we had not taken our little girl to see Christian we would still be medicating her and "managing" her reflux with very little sleep, and instead we are enjoying family life with our happy smiley baby! 

All the staff at the perrymount are so lovely, kind and welcoming. I felt as ease in the waiting room breastfeeding my baby if needed, being offered a cup of tea and Sandra the receptionist always recognised me when I arrived and made me feel very relaxed and at home. 

Mrs Greenfield, Midwife

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