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Family Osteopathy Testimonial*

Not sleeping toddler testimonial *

Helping sleep testimonial *

For three and a half years my child did not sleep, and for three and a half years neither did I! A good night was four hours and then a few hours broken sleep, a bad night was a few hours of getting up and down and awake the rest of the night. I tired everything I could think of and spoke to health visitors, Dr's etc., tried different diets. I also spent lots of money on various books, pillows, night lights, white noise machines and so on. There was no sleep book I had not followed and failed at!

I was skeptical about cranial osteopathy as I didn't understand how it works but I was desperate and thought I'd rather be down some money, than not think I had tried every avenue. It was speaking to a teacher who said a child in her class uses it, with success, for behavioural issues that gave me the final push (you normally only hear about it being used with babies). 

The clinic is very relaxed, professional and made me feel at ease throughout my time there. It didn't matter that my son wriggled about at times and he enjoyed the sessions. Christian told me some of the reasons why toddlers may benefit from cranial osteopathy and my son fitted the bill. He also talked me through how my sons head felt, what this meant for him at night (a tight head meant adrenaline levels were not dropping at night as they should do) and how the treatment would help solve this. 

That night my son still got up a few times but he settled quicker than other nights. Over the next 5 sessions and a couple of months things got a lot better. His body clock was use to waking up at night and his expectation was that on any awakening, I would come to him, but I was able to address these issues with relative ease and he responded well to me (rather than screaming at me for hours ;-)

His talking also improved during these sessions, which I wasn't expecting but I was aware of other people using this therapy to help issues such as speech delay which he was approaching. I don't know if it's related but it did tie in with the treatments. 

Having spent every day (and night!) with my child not sleeping for 3.5 years, who now sleeps 12 hours flat, and having watched his nighttime behaviour and sleep improve over the last few months, I would really recommend giving Christian a call to see if he can help you. I'm so glad I did. Thank you. :-)  
Sinead, Haywards Heath

Colic, eczema & cow's milk intolerance *

I first visited Christian Bates in October 2010 when my 16 week old son Matthew had become very unhappy. I breastfed Matthew for the first 8 weeks of his life and he had a few minor problems: colic, eczema on one side of his face, and a very sticky eye, but generally he was a contented baby. However he was always hungry & demanded food every 2-3 hours during the day & night, so I decided to start bottle-feeding with formula milk in the hope that this would be more satisfying for him. For the first few weeks he appeared to be fine. However, his eczema began to worsen & appeared on both cheeks, he suffered with excessive wind and appeared very bloated & uncomfortable. He also had a lot of mucus in his throat & had become generally very unsettled. Sometimes he cried inconsolably for long periods of each day. As well, he started refusing to feed & would arch his back violently, throw his head around & cry when I tried to put the bottle in his mouth. When he did sleep, usually through exhaustion, he would wake after just 10-15 minutes & cry again. Oddly enough, he was actually worse in the day, but we put this down to him being exhausted by night time! Both Matthew & I had become very unhappy. I was at my wit's end. This was also affecting my 2 year old son as he was not getting the attention he was used to, so he was very unhappy too. I really didn't know what to do.

My husband & I took him to our GP who examined him & said he was fine. She suggested that the reason Matthew behaved that way when I tried to feed him was because he was being nosy!!! Not very reassuring. We left feeling completely helpless!

My friend suggested that I should take Matthew to Christian for Cranial Osteopathy since she had seen very good results from him with her own son. I phoned Christian & was given an appointment the same day which really impressed me. I explained to him all of Matthew's symptoms. He asked a few questions and immediately came up with some possible reasons for Matthew's condition and appopriate remedies. This gave me some sense of relief. Christian said that Matthew may be finding it difficult to digest cow's milk, & therefore suggested trying him on goat's milk formula as goat's milk is easier to digest. A possible intolerance to cow's milk could also explain his eczema & sticky eye. He also suggested giving him the pro-biotic "Culturelle" in his milk as this may help his tummy problems. Matthew also suffers from "flat-head" on one side, another reason for him to be treated by Christian. Throughout his diagnosis Christian was gently massaging Matthew's head. We always noticed an improvement in his behaviour the following day, which we are convinced was attributable to the treatment he had received.

We took all of Christian's advice & after 2 days of switching him on to goat's milk formula, Matthew was happily drinking all of his milk, his eczema was improving & he was getting closer to being the happy little boy we remembered!

Matthew had 4 sessions in total with Christian & we believe that his advice & treatment were invaluable.

Matthew is now 6 months old & we recently tried him on cow's milk follow-on formula to see how he coped with it. After a few days his eczema started to return so we have put him back on the goat's milk formula & have immediately seen an improvement.

I plan to take him back to Christian very soon for further treatment as he still has "flat-head" on one side.

Thank you Christian for giving us the advice that no-one else seemed able to give us. If we hadn't come to see you, I dread to think what the last few months would have been like for Matthew & for us. *
Mrs M

Metabolic Typing®

Hi Christian.

How are you? I've been meaning to email you and let you know how I've been getting on. I've felt absolutely amazing since being on the metabolic typing eating program. I can't believe how much energy I have. I just feel like a different person. I've been eating a cooked breakfast every morning and I've still managed to lose 3lbs in the last 3 weeks, how strange is that! I don't feel bloated or sluggish and my energy levels have really improved. There have been a couple of times that I've broken the rules and had alcohol or pizza or something like that but even then I've got straight back to the program afterwards and have felt completely fine. So, so far things are going really well! *

Christian's comment: Metabolic Typing looks at individual food plans for each one of us. This lady came out as a higher protein and fat eating type, as in she should eat these foods to improve her metabolism! She actually wasn't eating these foods, instead eating high carbs as is often said to be healthy. This just isn't true for all of us. To find out your Metabolic Type click here
Mrs M

Metabolic Typing® & Osteopathy

Hi Christian

Just wanted to email you, as I am delighted to say that I am still very well, very well indeed, and adapting to my altered diet just fine. I cant believe how much improvement there has been and my condition is just a very occasional issue rather than a daily occurrence.

As for my supplements, I may need to put in a request for of some more in the next few weeks. As for my eyes, I have recently had a very in depth eye examination to just check them over, and the health is fine with them thankfully, in fact no change with my prescription either within the last 3 years, so thats good, she did however also agree that Hypoglycaemia can effect how the eyes seem to feel at times, eg the blurriness and aches etc. (although, touch wood, this is also very good at the mo too.) But having another opinion on this is very reassuring.

My headaches have completely stopped,.......(edited) Although emotionally far more stable than ever before.

So all in all, I am amazed and just so so thankful to you. Its also been such perfect timing as I have managed to enjoy a fun and varied Easter holiday with my girls which is great, and I've known that I've been capable of it all.

I am aware that I must still not push it, as on the odd time of being a bit too busy, I have felt my usual warning symptoms start to sneak in, which I then know means its time to just take some time out, which does work well, both emotionally and physically.

I am leading the normal life that I have so desperately wanted back for so long. Thank you again. *
Mrs S

Metabolic Typing® & Nutritional Supplements

Hi Christian!

Not sure what's in those pills but I feel really well. So the pills plus a serious commitment to "protein" and a big reduction in those sugars is making a significant difference. *

Mrs N

Urinary Incontinence

Dear Christian,

Here at last is the testimony I promised you, and it is even more stronger than when I spoke to you last. The sheer joy of not having to be padded up to go anywhere is unbelievable.

In 1996 I lost my husband after nearly 47 years of marriage. I had a mini stroke and after that I seemed to have a bit of a problem with water works, sneezing, laughing or being a bit strenuous on rising was a bit of a problem. During the last 6 years the problem had become so bad I was under a Uro-Gynacologist at The Surrey Hospital. His different treatments that were never tried was a tape to hold the bladder up ,this was to be a problem. The next and last thing I was offered was a Botox injection, which I was about to refuse when I was told of the diet of not eating Potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and aubergines. I have been on this diet, (only eating pasta and rice in place of potatoes and all other vegetables in place of tomatoes) for nearly 5 Weeks and I amazed at the results. I have gone from wearing very heavy incontinence pads and changing 6-7 times a day to wearing small pads and ordinary underclothes, and going on visits which I was quite embarrassed to do.

Dear Christian, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. You have changed my life at 81 years old. Bless you. *

Yours sincerely,
Mrs F

Acute Cyclical Nausea & Vomiting

“ My 22 year old daughter had been suffering from nausea and vomiting for 18 months. She visited her GP at Uni 5 times who refused to refer her for any tests as she was young and not losing weight.

I made an appointment for her to see a consultant privately who did a number of blood tests, scans and an endoscopy. All of which came back clear.

A friend then suggested we make an appointment with Christian Bates to see if he could help. Christian used a machine called “Avatar” to check for imbalance in her body. This showed a problem in the small intestine. He then prescribed a number of supplements and advised her to avoid mushrooms. Since starting this regime at the end of December 2010 she has not been “sick” once.

We cannot thank Christian enough for his help and are amazed at how quickly these supplements worked. It has made such a difference to my daughter’s life”

Christian’s comment: The Avatar device is used to test through remedies via the acupuncture system. On this patient a remedy came up for fungal over growth which led me to question about eating mushrooms, which this patient was doing a lot. So by avoiding the mushrooms and using the remedies to bring the stomach and bowel back to a better balance the results have been very pleasing! *
Mrs P

Back Pain

Thank you Christian for fixing my back in one session! A glance at my posture revealed the problem and with a few well placed movements all was well again. Brilliant. * Mrs D

Migraines fixed!

After suffering from a series of severe Migraines induced mainly by trauma, I attended the Perrymount Health Clinic in Haywards Heath, where I was seen by Mr Christian Bates, once weekly for four weeks.He concluded that a course of cranial manipulation would be of benefit, and since visiting him I have had no further migraine attacks (almost two months).
The friendly, calm and peaceful atmosphere at the Clinic did much towards my regaining confidence and a sense of wellbeing, and I shall in future not hesitate to see Christian at intervals in the coming months. *
Mrs M

Headaches, severe migraines & stomach issues

“For over 30 years I have suffered with headaches, neck and shoulder pain and a temperamental stomach and in the last three years severe migraines.

A friend highly recommend Christian who was sure would help with the debilitating headaches and volcanic stomach. I started with a food allergy session with the Avatar scanner which threw up some interesting and disappointing foods to avoid due to high levels of intolerance. Avoiding these foods in my diet has been noticeably beneficial to the frequency and severity of my headaches and my stomach has been flatter and less painful than it has been for years. With the recommended supplements I have been very pleased with the results.

I have regular treatments on my neck and shoulders and ann arm problem too and Christian’s gentle manipulation always helps the pain and stiffness.

Having visited so many therapists over the years I am grateful to Christian who has helped my problems subside. I shall keep on with treatments when I need them and heed the advice with my diet” *

Christian’s comment: Osteopathy was used to relieve neck tension and restrictions, 80% of headaches are “tension” headaches and therefore could potentially be relieved by osteopathy. Also migraines can be food related so I checked for food intolerances whilst at the same time supporting digestion and absorption with supplements so the food intolerance can be corrected by improving gut function.
Mrs H

Sports related Injuries & Sports Massage

“I've seen Anne for sports massage a few times now and will continue to do so as part of my training schedule. She has really helped ease tight muscles through both massage and stretch and more specifically helped treat areas affecting my knee injury so that I can run personal bests without a knee brace again. Anne has taken the time to understand my previous injuries and has helped incorporate massage into my training and race plans to hopefully make me a faster injury free runner. Highly recommended.” *
KL - Haywards Heath Harriers
Mrs KL - Haywards Heath Harriers

Pubic Symphysis Disorder & back pain in Pregnancy

Dear Christian

I just wanted to say Thank you so much for frankly - improving my life!! It may sound over-dramatic but having been diagnosed with SPD at 17 weeks pregnant I was in a tremendous amount of pain and was being told to prepare myself for crutches if not worse. At a stage (19 weeks) where I could hardly walk on some occasions, a colleague of mine recommended the services at Perrymount as she had also suffered with SPD in pregnancy and making an appointment was the best thing I ever did. Within 10 days and 3 appointments I am now climbing stairs, walking across town and more importantly - doing this without loads of pain.

I had never known much about Osteopathy (or Cranial Osteopathy) before coming to the clinic and I would now recommend it to any woman suffering with SPD or similar in pregnancy. I cannot believe the transformation in such a short space of time and although I had been referred to a physiotherapist by my midwife - frankly - this didn't help with the pain at all.

I would recommend having Osteopathy (Cranial or otherwise) to any pregnant woman - even if you just have backache. It's wonderful and as I said before - has really changed my day to day life. I decorated my kitchen at the weekend - 2 weeks ago I wouldn't have been able to move from one side of the room to the other!!

Thank you again, the service from the minute you walk into the door is first class - so I am sure I'll see you soon. *

Best Wishes

Christian's comment: With this lady I actually focused all the treatment on the low back without actually going near the pubic symphsis bone, although this was where the acute pain was. On calming the lumbar spine the pelvis settled and took the strain off the pubic symphsis joint.
Mrs T

Adult Acne

I came to Christian after my skin had deteriorated to the point where I was completely miserable leaving the house--I was getting great big teenage spots despite being in my forties. Christian ran various tests and established areas of my body which were blocked in order to identify what was causing my bad skin. WIthin a few weeks of taking the remedies he prescribed I noticed a dramatic improvement and I haven't had a really deep spot since. I am so grateful for Christian's help! *

Christian's comment: The Avatar device was able to detect which organs of detoxification were struggling in this patient and so we were able to target these with specific supplements and remedies, again using the Avatar to help with the selection. Naturoapth's view the skin as a detox organ that is recruited only when the internal organs are toxic or weakened. Therefore cleanse the correct internal organ and the skin will clear.
Mrs D

Colic, bad behaviour & tantrums

Cranial Osteopathy - Christian Bates

I recently bought my 2 year daughter to see Christian in desperation for help. From about 8 months she started having "tantrums" and after a significant delay in her development she was quickly diagnosed with severe hypermobility which impeded her getting around i.e crawling and sitting up.

With this also her "tantrums" escalated and could last for up to 1 hour and also led to her severely self harming and began having extreme night terrors. As well as being under paediatricians and other professionals as a family we were at our wits end and struggling to cope with on a day to day basis.

On recommendation we came to see Christian with a view to trying anything that may help. After one session, dietary advice and added supplements and vitamins my daughter had improved greatly. The night terrors stopped instantly and although the "tantrums" were still there they had significant reduced in the length time and the self harming she had inflicted had now stopped. After the second and third session our daughter had improved massively. The results have been amazing and as a family it has helped us tremendously as we now have a good balance at home. She is now a very happy and contented child.

Of course our daughter has her funny five minutes and strops as a 2 year old but we welcome these with open arms.

Thank you Christian once again. *

Christian's comment: This is one of the most pleasing cases I have had in 14 years. This little girl did fantastically well. On a practical note the supplements included two that were directed at digestion which is very often an underlying issue in many children's conditions.
Mrs D

Cranial Osteopathy for children

I visited Christian Bates in Aug 2010 when I was having problems with my 7 week old son, Nathaniel. Although he was eating well, gaining weight and generally settling throughout the day, come 7pm he was like a different baby - really hard to settle, couldn't lie him down, unhappy feeding (from either breast or bottle) and seemed to have much worse trapped wind.

I had two sessions of Cranial Osteopathy and Christian recommended I start taking a pro-biotic, Culturelle, which I did immediately. The difference in Nathaniel was noticeable within 24 hours. He started settling at 7pm, happy to feed well, bring up his wind quickly and then go down in his cot to sleep without fuss - seeming more like the baby we were use to during the day.

I cannot say for sure which treatment is responsible but I personally can feel the effects of Culturelle so this must be being passed on and my baby is now much happier to breastfeed on both sides at all feeds (Christian advised that there has been some tension on the right side of his neck which may have been putting him off feeding well on a certain side). *

Christian's comment: My approach to colic is to look at all possible factors that might be causing it, at present I look at 6! I used cranial osteopathy to calm Nathaniel and for certain reasons I believed that the probiotic would be beneficial to mother and baby.
Mrs D

Stress relief with Reiki

Reiki - Elizabeth Bailey

"After receiving my first Reiki healing treatment with Elizabeth, I felt 100% better than when I first arrived. I felt even better after my second treatment and will definitely be coming back for a further course of treatments" *
Mrs B

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