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The Perrymount Clinic

At The Perrymount Clinic we provide a wide range of natural health therapies. We have osteopathy, sports massage, acupuncture, homeopathy, nutrition, reflexology, podiatry / chiropody, reiki, orthotic assessment, on-site workstation analysis and allergy elimination. We also have advanced technology to help us help you, we have 3D Gaitscan and Avatar devices.

Please feel free to give any of our practitioners a call for a no obligation phone call on any health related problems you might have. Call reception on 01444 410944 and they will put you in touch with the right practitioner.

Osteopathy available 6 days a week including Thursday evening and Saturday morning and now 7.30 am start on Wednesdays

Call 01444 410944 to book your appointment

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In Pain?
No problem, The Perrymount has 3 osteopaths, covering 6 days a week as well as early mornings and late night commuter times

Weight loss

Stress balance

Blood detox

Natural energy

monavie RVL
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NEW! Balance by Monavie, 1 AM capsule for stress relief, 1 PM capsule to aid sleep
SOS Advance is anti-viral and anti-bacterial botanical elixir
EMV A natural energy drink. Only fruit juice and natural caffeine from green tea, guarana, yerba mate.
Avatar Full Health Scan
Technology that puts The Perrymount ahead again. The Avatar scans the electrical resistance through your acupuncture system to give an energetic health reading of your organs. You will then know the correct organ to treat and also the correct supplements to use for that organ and your condition. No more guess work! Get to the root CAUSE of your problem, don't just treat the symptoms. You can also test for food allergies.
Read more here..
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We treat lots of babies!
Cranial osteopathy and homeopathy are fantastically suited to helping babies and children as they are so gentle. Colic and irritability are the most common issues we treat along with not sleeping in toddlers. We receive many referrals from the local midwives and health visitors. Please call to talk to Christian or Mary-Jane
Read more about our baby treatments.
Please read some testimonials
Wondering if The Perrymount Clinic can help you or your family? Read some of the wonderful testimonials our patients have been kind enough to write for us. They may help you understand a bit more about what we do. Click here to read more


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3D foot scan technology
Our Gait Scan analysis technology will enable us to see if your foot, knee, hip or low back pain is due to poor biomechanics of your foot.
Watch a video of the 3D scan in action
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Olympic standard Sports Massage
We are so pleased to have found out that our sports massage therapists, Anne Leighton, has been selected from around 250,000 applicants to be part of the official Olympics medical team. Well done Anne!
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Dermalogica Microzone skincare Treatment for just £29. A 25 minute high intensity, accelerated version of the Dermalogica Skin Treatment that takes place in a third of the time.
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Award winning again
The Perrymount Clinic in October 2012 was awarded as a CAM Expo Clinic of the Year Finalist. We went up against many clinic from all around the country in this prestigious accomplishment within our profession.
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Award winning yet again
Christian Bates was very proud to win a major award in complementary medicine in 2013. He was awarded ""Contribution to the community" for his work writing Calming Colic.
CAM winner

Do you want to help your baby's colic?

At last answers as to why your baby has colic and how to help them!

  • Does your baby have colic or reflux?
  • Does your baby not go into a deep sleep?
  • Do you want more sleep?
  • Did you have a traumatic birth?
  • Do you have a "hungry baby"?
  • Is your baby constipated?
  • Were instruments used i.e. forceps?
  • Did you have a c-section?
  • Did you or your baby have antibiotics?
  • Are you stressed out?
  • Are you struggling with breast feeding?
  • Want to know which supplements help calm colic?

If you have answered yes to any of these then Calming Colic has help for you!

Click here to buy Calming Colic from Amazon for Kindle

or in paperback from Amazon

Visit for videos and Blogs to help your colicky baby
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If you have bought Calming Colic then you are eligible for discounted treatments for your baby please call 01444 410944 to book an appointment

The RVL weight management system

monavie RVL

RVL weight management shake

A balanced shake with protein, carbohydrate and fat. Also 26 vitamins and minerals and the anti-oxidant power of 10 servings of fruit and vegetables. All because of Monavie's revolutionary Acai berry and fruit blend. This shake puts your health and blood sugar stabilisation first and then your body loses weight because it no longer needs to hold on to it.
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RVL success!

Add to this a great eating plan with meal ideas and other top tips for weight loss and an extensive list of local fitness professionals to guide you with your exercise and you have all the tools for a successful weight loss plan. On top of this as you haven't done the classic deprivation diet you won't have the yo-yo effect so you will maintain your healthy weight loss.
blood sugar

Balance your blood sugar

Use the shake as a meal replacement for two meals per day. Eat a balanced third meal and two balanced snacks. Or eat three balanced main meals and use the RVL shake as your snack. Stabalising your blood sugar allows your body to burn fat rather than store it due to insulin and cortisol spikes. Blood sugar control is the best way to lose weight. DITCH THE DIET!
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The Perrymount Clinic
2 Clair Road
Haywards Heath
W. Sussex
RH16 3DP
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01444 410944

We are locate less than 5 minutes walk from Haywards Heath station. If you know Haywards Heath we are just opposite Clair Hall car park. You can also park in Clair Hall for just £1 for 4 hours. Simply go into the Hall and ask for a Council parking disc.
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