We are moving! On 16 th April we will be at our fantastic new clinic at HURSTWOOD GRANGE, HURSTWOOD LANE, HAYWARDS HEATH, RH16 7QX. The new clinic in less than a1 minute drive from The Birch Hotel and Princess Royal Hospital. Click below for a map to our new address

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We will be holding an open day soon. Click here to learn more and receive a date confirmation and reminder. Also you will immediately be emailed treatment vouchers.

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Beauty by Caudalie at The Perrymount

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Watch these video testimonials…

Cathy speaks about help for her baby to settle, sleep and breastfeed successfully *

Claire explains how treatment helped her toddler start sleeping through the night *

Michele tells us how The Perrymount looks after her whole families natural health *

Click here for more testimonials here. * Results may vary from person to person

Are you pregnant or have school children? Take advatage of these special offers from The Perrymount Osteopaths…

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The Perrymount Clinic is the busiest natural health clinic in Mid Sussex. Our warm, friendly, compassionate team consists of 12 natural health professionals who strive to offer patients exceptional care, ensuring they always feel at their optimal best. The clinic offers a wide range of treatments to prevent, treat and assist with sports injuries as well as musculoskeletal complaints. As well as osteopathy, the practice offers a range of other complimenting therapies to offer a multi-faceted approach to address various individual’s needs. The Perrymount is also renowned for its cranial osteopathy in assisting babies with colic, giving parents the much needed support they need along the way too.
We are a warm, friendly and compassionate practice. If you would like to book an appointment for a no obligation chat with any of our natural health professionals, then please call us on 01444 410944. Alternatively, click here to leave a few details and we will call you back.

We love winning awards too…

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The Perrymount Clinic
Unti 5
Hurstwood Grange
Hurstwood Lane
Haywards Heath
West Sussex
RH16 7QX

01444 410944

Click here for map