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Natural Health Tips written by Christian Bates, Osteopath & Naturopath. Click to download

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Do you want to easily reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer? Click here to find out why 10 is the new 5-a-day

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A way of eating that helps balance hormones, reduce stress and aid weight loss. Click to download


If you are having an Avatar health scan with Christian Bates click here to download the health intake questionnaire

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Download The Perrymount Clinic’s brochure. Read all about us and the therapies we use to help you. We have also included a few fun facts and useful tips! Click here to download

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34 Amazing Alternative & Natural Health Tips from The Perrymount Clinic Health Professionals. Click here to download

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How you get in pain, why you get in pain and how you can prevent it happening again with osteopathy treatment. Click here to download

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A PDF download with loads of tips to help you manage your back pain. Click here to download

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A PDF download with describing the 3 most common reasons for getting a sports injury and what you can do to help ourself. Click here to download

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Download this free e-book on tips to help you calm your crying baby. This is a quick guide stemming from the full baby help book by Christian Bates available at Click here to download this e-book

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A Naturopathic Approach To Colds And Flu written by Christian Bates. Click here to download

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Learn more about the amazing Avatar and full nutritional health scan

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Click here to download our infographic on healthy fats

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Find out why Essential Fatty Acids are so good for you in the infographic. Click here

stress chart

The many detrimental effects of long term stress. Click here to download the PDF, print it out and give to your stressed friends!