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Sluggish & Tired?

Sluggish & Tired?
Christmas and all the festive season, although extremely good fun, can leave us all feeling a little run down and lacking in energy.  Not to mention the cold weather and the turning to comfort food to make us feel warmer and better, though this isn't normally the case and as we all know eating too many fatty and sugary foods doesn't make us feel better in the long run and all these factors will show on your skin and body and tour general well-being.  A lot of people tend to embark on a healthy eating or detoxification programme in January and others will be joining the gym and starting new exercise regimes.  All of these things will make you feel lighter and healthier and improve your physical and mental well-being as well as aiding weight loss and improving your general health.  To aid the detoxification process and to speed up the process of elimination, an Aromatherapy massage is a great treatment to work alongside the changes or to kickstart your body into this New Year.
 A treatment will start with a gentle body brush and a blend of oils will be mixed which get absorbed through your skin to aid the lymphatic system which processes waste and together with the massage on your full body fat can be broken down and the circulatory system speeded up to help removal of toxins.   The massage will also rid your muscles of tension and tightness and helps to combat anxieties, stress, headaches, cellulite and sluggish digestion.  The end result is more energy with a totally relaxed mind and a body that has been woken up and restored - something we all need!
This time of year also has a major effect on your face too, skin often looks dull and tired and in need of a boost. A Natural Facial will cleanse, tone, exfoliate your skin back to life, ridding the dead cells and encouraging fresh new cells to the surface to give you a smooth, clear complexion with a healthy glow.  Finishing with a massage on your face, neck, head and shoulders and a mask you will feel completely revived when you leave - an absolute must!
Aromatherapy massage £55 for an hour
Natural Facial - £55 for an hour or £40 for 45 mins
Combined treatment Facial and Aromatherapy massage 1 hour 30 mins - £75
For January 2018 only -  £10 off any of the above treatment
Lucinda is available at the clinic on Thursdays

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