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The Importance of Regular Massage & ‘Energetic Maintenance’

The Importance of Regular Massage & ‘Energetic Maintenance’

If prevention was a priority to each of us, pain and suffering (both physical and emotional) might be far less common. Instead of waiting until the body starts to ache and stiffen, and the mind spirals into rumination and darkness, we’d be regularly taking part in something that maintains a vibrant, healthful physical state, and balanced emotions. With a healthy body and mind, life becomes more fluid, easier to navigate, and we’re able to have more joyful life experiences.


‘Energetic maintenance’ is a term used to refer to caring for the parts of us we can’t necessarily see, but can very much feel and sense. Emotions and mood levels are directly linked to ‘energy’, which can be impacted by what we think, what experiences we’re exposed to, the people we interact with, and the amount of sunlight, water and nutrition we receive. For thousands of years, Eastern cultures have known how important it is to care for each person’s energetic system, with practices such as Yoga, meditation, tai chi, breathing exercises, and Reiki. 


Reiki in particular, can help remove subtle ‘blocks’ or difficulties within a person’s energetic system. You’ll notice a ‘block’ in your energy when you feel low, lethargic, irritable or unmotivated. When the body’s energetic system is running smoothly, we feel balanced, calm, motivated and able to take on challenges. Throughout a Reiki session, the practitioner will lay their hands upon or just over specific points on the patient’s body, working to remove energetic blockages, and channel a more balanced and beneficial energy through themselves to the patient. The ability to channel this energy comes from being ‘attuned’ by a highly qualified Reiki ‘master’. 


Physical and emotional tensions and issues can be helped with the use of Reiki, and the deeply relaxing and restorative sessions are a perfect addition to osteopathic treatments, in order to speed up the healing process. 


Practicing energetic maintenance for yourself can include being mindful of getting enough sunlight each day, surrounding yourself with uplifting colours, interacting with people who you enjoy spending time with, keeping your environment free of clutter, spending time in nature, and donating or throwing away old possessions that are broken or that you have a negative emotional attachment to. 


Regular bodywork in the form of massage is another way of maintaining the health of not just the physical body, but the mind and nervous system too.  Holistic massage uses medium pressure, and provides the whole body with a rejuvenating treatment. 


Many of us spend a large amount of time in the ‘sympathetic nervous system’, which is our ‘fight or flight’ system. When we’re in this state of being a lot, this greatly taxes the adrenal glands and tissues of the body, wreaking havoc on blood pressure, insulin resistance and body weight, the ability to build healthy muscle tissue, healing ability, and of course every-day life. Holistic massage can help ‘re-set’ the nervous system, putting the patient into the ‘parasympathetic nervous system’, providing much needed time for the ‘rest and digest’ side of the nervous system to switch back on and help kick-start optimal physical health.  Improving circulation and digestion, it can also encourage more restful sleep, and is a vital opportunity to pause, be away from technology for an hour, practice self care, and therefore obtain the benefits of a more relaxed and re-charged YOU. 


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