Osteopathy, it’s not just about treating backs!

612 min read

Having been immersed in the world of osteopathy for so long now I often make the mistake in presuming people know what osteopaths actually do. When I explain to people what’s involved and how I can help, the response I often hear is ‘Oh, I thought you just did backs!’ or ‘so it’s not just about bones then? ‘.

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Personal Relationships

464 min read

Close personal relationships are a basic human need, yet many are lacking fulfilling, positive and significant interpersonal relationships. Why Coaching is the new approach for relationship fulfillment.

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Stress and your health

1300 min read

Most people think of stress as emotional, however, the body views anything that is putting it under strain in a much broader way

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Anxiety for kids back to school

846 min read

Recent research shows 1 in 8 children experience anxiety or panic attacks. A common trigger is going back to school after a long break.

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