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Top Tips for recovering from a Marathon or Endurance Event.

Have a Recovery Sports Massage. After finishing a marathon your muscles can often feel achy and tired this is because they are inflamed due to the repetitive stress and load of running long distance. This causes the muscle fibres to produce waste such as lactic acid that can remain in the compartments of your legs and prolong the feeling of soreness. 

A Sports Massage and can help flush through muscle waste products and improve the speed of your recovery, so that you don’t have sore, tight and…

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The Importance of Regular Massage & ‘Energetic Maintenance’

If prevention was a priority to each of us, pain and suffering (both physical and emotional) might be far less common. Instead of waiting until the body starts to ache and stiffen, and the mind spirals into rumination and darkness, we’d be regularly taking part in something that maintains a vibrant, healthful physical state, and balanced emotions. With a healthy body and mind, life becomes more fluid, easier to navigate, and we’re able to have more joyful life experiences.



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Health Anxiety - I am convinced I have MS


Health Anxiety is the fear of having some incurable disease. And it’s not uncommon.

Of the patients I’ve seen with health anxiety, this fear has started with a close family member being ill, after a period of stress, or a big shock.

This is Lisa’s story.  I have sought full permission to share her story her name and some details have been changed to protect her identity.

I meet Lisa for the first time. She is warm, friendly and funny and has me chortling away several times during the…

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