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Christian Bates BSc (Hons), DO, ND

Help the root cause of your problem, not just treating the symptom

The Avatar instrument is based upon the principles of Electro-Dermal Screening (EDS) or Electro Acupuncture according to Voll (EAV). Dr Reinhold Voll being the inventor of this type of assessment which takes advantage of the electrical conductivity of the acupuncture system.

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He found that if he passed a very weak electrical current (the same as just holding an AA battery) through an acupuncture meridian there was firstly far less resistance to the electricity than if it wasn't through a meridian and secondly he could gauge the healthy of that meridian and therefore the associated organs healthy by the amount of electricity that made it through the meridian out the other hand.

Dr Voll was in the unique position that his laboratory was based in a hospital so he was able to scan patients from within the hospital and compare his reading to the hospital diagnosis. From here he built years and years of data on the points and techniques that are now used with the more advanced form that the Avatar is now.

The readings the Avatar takes are as follows; 100 units of a tiny current are passed through a meridian via an acupoint on the hands or feet. Essentially the client is put within the circuit and a reading is taken from how much remains of the 100 units. The test is totally pain free and non-invasive.

If 50 units come out to the other hand, which is holding a copper "handmass" then that meridian is functioning well and healthy. If more is returned, say a reading of 75 then the organ is acute and inflamed and if it is lower than 50, say 30, the organ is chronic and functioning under par. As within all natural approaches a balance is healthy and both too high or too low show an imbalance.

The full screen can cover all the major organs and other deeper systems that are extremely valuable in understanding for health "re-creation". For example:

  • Small intestine
  • Large intestine
  • Stomach
  • Hormones
  • Adrenals
  • Thyroid
  • Nervous system
  • Lymphatics
  • Liver
  • Kidneys
  • Sinuses
  • Lungs
  • Digestion
  • Food intolerances
  • Toxins
  • And more…

It's totally amazing!

Once the full screen is complete the priority point is calculated by the Avatar and this is the point that further testing is done from. The importance of this point is that it is the best point to access the health of the whole person, according to Voll's years of experience.

For example, the priority point may be the liver, indicating that the liver needs help, or will do shortly. However the patient, off this point, may then test for a complete range of bowel remedies and no liver ones at all. This is called the "causal chain" and indicates that the liver requires the bowel remedies to help it, and as we know the bowel clears its toxins into the liver.

In this scenario just cleansing the liver and not the bowel would not get to the CAUSE of the problem as the bowel toxicity will just re-fill the liver. This is the advantage of having a highly accurate assessment device like the Avatar it can show the causal chain of events and enable me to track events back to get to the cause of the problem to give long term relief.

This approach digs deeper to find the CAUSE and not just the symptom.

Remedy testing

It is also possible to test remedies and supplements that will then be specifically chosen for the person tested. The extremely effective ranges I use have been designed specifically for this type of testing. There are remedies for the different organs, drainage remedies to shift toxins and ones for specific problems like candida, bacteria overgrowth, viral problem, mycoplasma patterns and many others. In fact there are hundreds that can be tested.

In the example above if the liver point tested up for bowel remedies and one of those was the one to clear candida then we can assume that the liver is actually being affected by candida overgrowth in the gut!

Food allergy testing

Along the same lines as remedy testing it is possible to test for food intolerances or allergies. For example if the allergy acupoint is used and this reads at a 50, so it is well balanced, and then a food it tested and it throws this point out of balance to a 30 then it is indicated that there is a bad reaction to the food and it should be avoided.

The Avatar is able to test a few foods at a time but we have a far quicker device to test more foods in a short time which is extremely effective and economical compared to food intolerance blood tests. Read more about the Bioscan SRT here.

Meridian branches

On top of the 49 points of the basic screening it is possible to use all of the points on an acupuncture meridian to really focus and improve accuracy. For example when assessing foods for allergies I would "branch" up the allergy meridian and find the best point to test the allergies on. In the same way when testing hormones I would "branch" up the hormone meridian and find the best one to test off, i.e. adrenal, thyroid or ovary point among others.

I am commonly consulted by patients with:

  • Fatigue and tiredness
  • Hormone problems
  • Digestive problems
  • For general health check up's
  • Lowered immunity
  • Stress related issues
  • Post Natal recovery by new mums

See the Avatar in action

The Avatar can show these readings for each organ…

A balanced reading

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A weakened reading

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A stressed reading

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The Avatar is not a diagnostic tool, it cannot say you have this or that disease. It reads "energetic" health. So we can get an idea of weakened or stressed organs. Where it is incredibly helpful is with issues that could have many causes. For example, fatigue problems can originate from the gut, from toxicity or the liver, from thyroid / adrenal / or other hormone problems. But which one to treat first? The Avatar helps prioritise this. For example the Avatar scan often indicates that treatment for many hormone problems starts with healing the gut. Why could this be? Well, the gut delivers toxins to the liver and the liver is responsible for managing the breakdown of hormones. If the liver doesn't do its job then excess hormones float around causing problems. But if you give hormone balancing remedies then you haven't fixed the liver, the source of the problem and if you cleanse the liver then it just tops up with toxins from the bowel. So commonly it is cleanse the bowel first, which helps the liver, which helps the hormones.

What your appointment may consist of as is appropriate:

  • Full case history of issue
  • Avatar scan of meridian points
  • Assessment and explanation of the "causal chain" of your problem (basically finding the CAUSES not just treating the SYMPTOM)
  • Prescription of the supplements / remedies specifically needed to help this CAUSE not just the symptom
  • Short assessment of any food sensitivities you may have (Discount on Bioscan SRT food intolerance scan if this is more suitable)
  • Food plan according to problems found if needed
  • Food plans and lifestyle advice according to your BODY BIOTYPE and explanation of how to use it

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