Sports Injury preventing you playing the game you love?

Are you frustrated to be missing out on playing with your team or not playing the best you can because of an injury?

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Both osteoapthy and massage are well known to help sports injuries and sports performance.

  • Releases muscle tension
  • Eases pulls, strains, tears and spasms
  • Increases spine and joint flexibilty
  • Calms arthritic pain
  • Helps shoulder and rotator cuff injuries
  • Great for golfers and tennis elbow
  • Return back to the sport you love quicker

Call The Perrymount Clinic on 01444 410944 to book your appointment for osteopathy or deep tissue massage

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Sports osteopathy

Your spine, joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons… you name it osteopaths are trained to treat it

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The Perrymount has 5 osteopaths to help your every sports injury and performance needs.

Deep Tissue Massage

For recovery from sports, injury prevention and a must for those trying to reach a PB

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At The Perrymount we have 2 fantastic sports massage therapists. Sports massage can help your performance and speed recovery.

Shockwave Therapy

Effective treatment of all tendon related pain, plantar fasciitis and chronic joint and soft tissue conditions

Extracorporeal Shockwave Treatment

This breakthrough technology is fast becoming the best non-invasive option when all else has failed. If you have been struggling with the following conditions and you’ve tried everything else or just want to get better faster, shockwave therapy is safe, effective and approved by NICE (the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) for the following conditions:

- Plantar fasciitis
- Achilles tendinopathy
- Tennis/golfer’s elbow
- Rotator cuff tendinopathy and calcific tendinitis of the shoulder
- Hip bursitis/tendinopathy

With studies showing this treatment can also help with:

- Osteoarthritis
- Adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder)
- Chronic muscle related pain

How does it work?

A hand-held device is moved over a conductive gel on the skin to send mechanical pressure pulses, known as shockwaves, to painful areas of the body.

It kickstarts a healing reaction that has otherwise stalled and offers pain relief so that you can get back to exercising, which will ultimately make your tendon resilient to future demands.

What are the benefits?

- High success rates
- Fast results (usually 3-5 treatments over 3-5 weeks)
- Minimal after care
- Safe (A recent systematic review looking at the efficacy and safety of shockwave therapy showed NO adverse events in any of the 106 studies).
- Fewer complications
- No medication required
- Minimal after care
- Faster return to activities

Outcomes are improved if underlying biomechanical / strength issues are also assessed and corrected so this treatment is offered as part of a holistic osteopathy package with Kate.
To book in with Kate please call 01444 410944 or use the online booking at the top of this page. Kate is also happy to discuss with you whether treatment is suitable for your condition. Please contact us for more details.


Osteopathy plus Shockwave therapy £75 with Kate for initial consultation

3D Gaitscan

Advanced technology to find out if your feet are the root cause of knee, hip and back chronic pain

The RsScan is a foot plate and computer software system that allows us to examine the pressure, weight distribution and biomechanics of the foot. It will assist in finding out if foot, ankle, knee, hip and low back pain originate from problems in the foot. As well as helping us target correct treatment and exercise strategies it also allows for the production of fully customised orthotics (insoles). It will also help in selecting "off the shelf" orthotics too.

The orthotics that we use in combination with the gait scan are highly advanced and can be specifically shaped for individual sports and activities to help achieve the best possible performance.

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