The Perrymount Studio

The Perrymount Studio is there to help you proactively look after yourself in the longterm with the help of our excellent professionals. Once we have looked after you with treatment of pain and injuries we can guide you with prevention and maintenance for your health and mobility.

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Our studio…

Our studio is for small class only taking only 6 - 8 clients at a time. It is our mission to make sure that you will get individual attention at each class. Our instructors have a firm belief that they want to help you individually to make sure you achieve the exercise in the best possibly way for you.

Class Timetable


Yoga with Nila - 9.30 am


Pilates with Adriana 8.30 am


Pilates with Adriana 9.30 am


Pilates with Adriana 9.30 am


Yoga with Nila - 9.30 am


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Pilates with Adriana

My name is Adriana I have my Pilates Practice called “AD Pilates on your way to health and happiness”, lovely to meet you. I am a Level 3 Pilates teacher and started doing Pilates 20 years ago as recommended by my physiotherapist and later on by my osteopath. This because I have arthritis and a lumbar and cervical hernia in addition to suffering from back and shoulder pain throughout my life.

I fell in love with the Pilates method and eventually decided to become a teacher myself to share the knowledge of Joseph Pilates. He is a fascinating human who gave us this amazing method, helping others feel as wonderful as I felt when I did Pilates.

My studies I completed in Brighton with Tula training under the supervision of physiotherapist Caroline Bailey. I broke my ribs halfway through the training after falling off the stairs at my home, so it was not easy, but it also helped speed up my recovery. Once I received my certificate my thirst for practical knowledge grew and I studied more about Osteoporosis and human anatomy.

I trained with the Franklin Method; this method uses imagery, neurolinguistics, and physical methods to re-connect, re-balance and wake-up the body and I was certified as a Fascia trainer for the lower back. Furthermore, I have also done my Gateway Pilates course with Polestar and every Thursday I listen to a webinar on different subjects such as anatomy and medical issues that may limit movement. More knowledge helps me become a better teacher and empower clients to a better healthy self-awareness, improve their range of movement and achieve a better quality of life.

I look forward to teaching at the Perrymount clinic and will follow the new government guidelines for COVID, so rest assured that I will do my best to keep us all safe. Face-to-face teaching is much more valuable and even if I can no longer touch and correct participants I can make sure you are doing the exercises correctly and insure your wellbeing.

My goal is to help people of all abilities to gain balance, strength, build bone density and muscle while moving and feeling great again. Looking forward to teaching you soon.

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You can book these classes with Adriana online or by calling 01444 410944

Yoga with Nila


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These classes can be booked online

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Clinic map

The Perrymount Clinic
Unit 5
Hurstwood Grange
Hurstwood Lane
Haywards Heath
West Sussex
RH17 7QX

01444 410944

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