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Food intolerance testing and Bioenergetic Scanning at The Perrymount Clinic Find your food intolerances, improve your health & reduce stress

Christian Bates BSc (Hons), DO, ND

What is the difference between an allergy and an intolerance?

It is important to understand this and the limitations of each test when looking for an “allergy” or an “intolerance”

IgE allergy response

When the word allergy is used this usually denotes that the person has a serious reaction to a food or chemical. These reactions come on quickly and the body is having an exaggerated, dangerous immune response. Often the person would have to be rushed to the hospital.

One of the most common most foods to trigger an allergy reaction are peanuts. This type of allergy can be tested for using blood or a skin prick test and may be available through your GP. This allergy reaction is called an “IgE” response. It is important to understand that the allergy test we offer at The Perrymount is NOT this type of test.

IgG intolerance response

Food intolerances are becoming more and more common and it is possible to test for these with a blood test too. This is called an IgG response. This type of reaction can have a delayed response and can be called an ‘intolerance’ rather than ‘allergy’. However, these intolerances can still make you feel really unwell and are linked to many, many symptoms affecting virtually every organ in the body. One of the most common being digestive issues.

At The Perrymount we have blood tests available for you to test for intolerances. However, we have another non-invasive, more convenient and economical option for you.

Blood test prices:
30 foods, blood pinprick £113.00
90 foods, blood pinprick £185.00

Food intolerance symptoms can include:

Ear Infections
Throat clearing
Skin problems
Behaviour issues in children
Hyperactivity in children
Runny nose
Feeling under the weather
Stomach ache
Irritable bowel
Diarrhoea / constipation

Can the Perrymount help with intolerances?

Yes we can. Firstly we can run a food intolerance test using the BioScan SRT or Avatar device. This isn’t an IgE or IgG test and requires no blood. It is also possible to investigate the root-causes of the food intolerances. Read on to learn more…

Finding food intolerances using the BioScan SRT & Avatar device

The BioScan SRT & the Avatar combine the disciplines of Acupuncture, Biofeedback and Homeopathy. They are both non-invasive and use a computerise scan to see what your body is sensitive to. It is also possible to check the health of all the underlying organ systems too, such as stomach, small intestine, liver, hormones etc.

Substances, like foods or chemicals, have been converted to a digital format which are then presented to the body to test its response to them. Thousands of substance can be tested in mere minutes using the BioScan SRT. This is called electro-acupuncture or Biofeedback testing. The technology in these devices is called an Ohm meter. This is the same technology that is used in hospitals to measure the tiny electrical currents that the heart and brain emits.

The results from the SRT have been scientifically tested to have a 70% accuracy to a blood test. Which also isn’t 100% accurate in the first place!. What this means for you is that you can have a test that is reasonable priced with no blood test and actually far more foods and chemical can be tested in a short time. The SRT offers an amazing opportunity to find foods (and other chemicals) that may be detrimentally affecting your health. You will also be able to look deeper into your health issues. For example, is your digestion a problem, hormones, stress or toxicity levels? All which can create food intolerances in the first place.

In addition to scanning for your intolerances and sensitivities our professionals will help you improve your health by looking at the CAUSES behind these problems. We are also able to help you with food choices, give you food plans and supplement and lifestyle advice.

Once we have found the foods that are an issue for you then you can eliminate them to ease your immediate symptoms. But that’s not where it ends! The ideal resolution is that we fix you so you can re-introduce these foods (in moderation) and not have an intolerance to them.

Stress, digestion and intolerance

Possibly one of the most common scenarios of digestive discomfort and food intolerance is being overly busy and stressed. Are you stressed? Are you busy? Are you rushing to work, or to drop the kids off everywhere? The body is controlled by two sides of the nervous system. The “rest and digest” side and the “fight or flight” side which is activated during stress (or being busy!). These are natural responses but the problem is that the “stress” side of the nervous system shuts the stomach and digestion down. This can trigger food intolerances due to poor digestion of the foods. This situation can be distinguished and helped with supporting supplements found by having an Avatar or BioScan SRT appointment with Christian Bates.

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