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The Perrymount Clinic is excited to bring you full assesses to hundreds of the highest quality supplement companies created around the globe and thousands upon thousands of health products all available from one site. We have teamed up with the fantastic Natural Dispensary to help us provide you with amazing healthcare products which includes supplements, herbs, powders, drinks, personal hygiene products and much more…

WARNING: If you like health products it is highly likely you will spend hours on this website!

Here's how to set your account up with The Natural Dispensary.

1) Register with Natural Dispensary so they have your address to send you products.
2) Make sure you have entered "Christian Bates" as your practitioner so you access my discount code
3) Place your order
4) At check out enter the discount code Perry5 and update your cart to see the discount

Click here to visit The Natural Dispensary

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