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For sports persons, sports massage can benefit in a number of ways. Not only can it be used for injury prevention and rehabilitation but it can also benefit before, during and after a sporting event, by preparing the body and aiding its recovery. This is achieved through the following physiological effects:

  • Improving circulation & lymphatic flow

  • Sedating or stimulating nerve endings

  • Increasing or decreasing muscle length

  • Assisting the removal of metabolic waste

  • Increasing or decreasing muscle tone

  • Remodelling scar tissue

  • sports massage

    Sports massage also has many psychological benefits which can assist in the mental preparation for a sporting event.
    However, sports massage is not only beneficial to those who participate in sport. Throughout our lives our bodies are subjected to various physical and emotional stresses that can cause damage to the muscles and soft tissues of the body. This damage can impair it from functioning correctly and cause an imbalance in the muscles, which can often result in pain. Sports massage is designed to restore the normal or optimum levels of function and to prevent future injury.

    Sports massage can help with conditions such as:

    • Postural imbalances

    • Tension headaches

    • Back pain

    • Neck pain

    • Repetitive strain injuries

    • General muscle tension

    • Sports injuries

    Sports Massage uses a variety of massage and stretch techniques in order to achieve this optimum function. Clients will be asked to complete an assessment form before discussing their history and needs with the therapist. If appropriate, once the aims and objectives have been agreed the treatment will commence. Depending on the nature of the problem and the desired goal, a single treatment, a course of treatments, or periodic treatments long term, may be required.

    Every effort is made to ensure clients privacy and modesty is respected.

    Sports massage also works well alongside other approaches to natural healthcare* by promoting a quick recovery and maintaining improved health.


    Sports massage is not appropriate in all circumstances. Please speak to the therapist first if there is any doubt.

    *If you are under the care of another health care practitioner, their consent will be required before treatment can commence.

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