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Christian Bates BSc (Hons), DO, ND

How does cranial osteopathy work?

A short extract from Christian Bates book Calming Colic:

There are a few principles by which cranial osteopathy works. Basically, the skilled practitioner is able to use gentle palpation to pick up strains and tensions virtually anywhere in your baby but particularly in their head, lower back/sacrum and middle of the spine and diaphragm area. The baby’s head should be soft and fluid, rather like very gently laying your hand on a pillow. However, after a traumatic birth, perhaps after forceps have been clamped around the head, the bones can take on a harder feeling as the joints between them become restricted in their movement.

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This tension is what a trained cranial osteopath can release to make your baby feel more comfortable. I illustrate this to parents by saying that if they were to close their eyes and as gentle as possible hovered their hand over a pillow and then a piece of wood they would be able to detect which one was which, even though they were barely touching them. This is what a skilled osteopath is able to do, but to a far more refined degree. There is usually a lot of tension after forceps and vonteuse deliveries and longer labours where the baby’s head may have been stuck in the birth canal and had contractions on it for some time. Interestingly though some of the most irritable, jumpy babies I have treated have been from very fast labours and C-sections.

Cranial osteopathy is so gentle that it is suitable for newborn babies and pregnant mothers. However, it can be successful in treating all ages and all manner of different injuries.

Cranial osteopathy is also suitable and used on adults too.

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Disclaimer: Osteopaths are not allowed to say they can “treat” specific baby conditions, such as colic because basically no paid for research has been done showing it can help. What we actually have is 1000’s of parents spreading the word that their baby has benefitted in some way. I want to make it clear that a cranial osteopathy treatment looks at the baby as a whole, not as treating a “colic baby” or “reflux baby” anyway. Having said this probiotics have scientifically been studied to ease colic, so in this instance it would formally allowed for me to say that probiotics help colic. I use probiotics very often within my holistic approach to helping babies.

The 90 page Calming Colic book is available to purchase as paperback or download.

Watch a video on the top causes of your baby being colicky, upset, crying and not sleeping by clicking below.

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Just a few of the testimonials from happy mothers and babies achieved by using cranial osteopathy and the guidance in the book Calming Colic and the 6 baby help e-books written by Christian Bates

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