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Private Midwife & Birth Resolution Therapy

Emma is an experienced midwife, practicing in the field of midwifery for over sixteen years, and a mother of two. She feels passionately the need to provide women-centred, one-to-one care to women and their families in the prenatal and postnatal period. It is at these crucial times women can prepare, learn and build confidence to have clear strategies in moving into motherhood and adjusting confidently to their new role, whether it will be your first child or a growing family. Emma practices very much with the goal of achieving a realistic approach to parenting for women.

A message from Emma:

I understand the complex needs of modern women in an age where health systems are stretched and not everyone can afford the luxury of one-to-one private maternity packages. I offer a bridge between NHS maternity care and independent midwifery within the antenatal and postnatal period.

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I offer a flexible care package depending on your individual needs and budget. There may be times in your pregnancy or the postnatal period that you need additional support and advice, time to ask questions you didn’t have time to explore at a previous appointment, or to discuss any anxieties you may have. I offer a choice to women for their maternity care provision, with as much or as little as you need. I am only a phone call away.

The service offers a range of individual, tailor-made consultations for the prenatal and postnatal period for women and their families with a designated midwife.

I am a qualified and practicing midwife here in the UK and have practiced abroad . I have worked within the NHS, private practice, the charity sector and independent midwifery, providing prenatal, intrapartum and postnatal care to women in hospital, birth centres and the community.

I have worked within high risk units in London, New Zealand and Sussex and was the sole midwifery advisor for a private obstetric practice in central London.

I ran and managed a team of specialist midwives to provide pregnancy health information for women and their families through multiple communications platforms and set up and project managed helpline services for national charities.

I am the sole midwifery advisor to Boots UK and act as their midwifery spokesperson, providing regular press interviews on topical clinical issues.

I am a practicing midwife here in Sussex and am registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council – NMC and a member of a professional Union – Royal College of Nursing . I hold insurance to provide routine antenatal and postnatal care in the UK as a sole midwifery practitioner.

Emma offers a range of prenatal and postnatal care options for women and their families:

Services available:

THE MUMMY REVIEW – New service that is proving very popular. 1 hour birth review with an expert midwife and a full clinical health check. This appointment will make sure you are healthy physically and emotionally after your birth. Available from birth and onwards.
*Service available at the Perrymount

BIRTH THERAPY – Provided by a specialist birth trauma midwife. This therapy offers you fast and effective relief from the hugely debilitating symptoms of; fear of childbirth, if you have experienced a difficult or traumatic birth or are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Treatment is complete within 1-4 sessions.
*Service available at the Perrymount

FREE DROP-IN BABY CLINIC –every Friday 9.30-11.30am Expert advice and support from myself, baby weighing facility and time to discuss your concerns with a midwife. Any concerns for you or your baby will be advised to relevant care provider.
*Service available at the Perrymount

ONE OFF ANTENATAL APPOINTMENT – full 1 hour clinical appointment with Emma, available at any stage of your pregnancy This is great if you need additional support, time to ask the questions that are concerning you, expert advice specifically for your pregnancy. Packages throughout pregnancy is also available.
*Service available at the Perrymount or at a location convenient to you – work/home.

BIRTH PREPARATION – 1 ½ hour appointment to prepare you for whatever birth you are having, with a midwife. By the end of the session you will have the confidence to know what to do, how to navigate your care and feel calm and positive about your birth. The session will also include a full relaxation technique to prepare you and your mind for your upcoming birth.
*Service available at the Perrymount or at a location convenient to you – work/home.

ONE OFF POSTNATAL APPOINTMENT – 2 hour full clinical appointment for you and your baby. Support with feeding and realistic strategies to manage the early days/weeks. Available from birth up to 6 weeks, packages are also available to provide consistent, one-to-one care.
*Service available at your home.

So, if you feel that this could benefit you; your pregnancy, help to establish a realistic routine in those early weeks or need some additional support after a difficult birth please contact the Perrymount and book an appointment. Your health and happiness are vital to your journey as a mother and your family’s health. Don’t forget you matter!

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Emma is at The Perrymount at these times

Monday's 8.30 am - 1 pm and Emma attends our free mother and baby drop in clinic on Friday mornings 10 am - 11.30 pm


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To book an appointment please call 01444 410944 or click here to book online

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