Grandmom's Chicken Soup with Saffron by

Not only is it ‘Tis the season for Christmas, but the change in weather also means an influx of colds and flu, sneezing, snivels, and lots of it. It definitely means the need for a lot of warming soups and stews, and there isn’t one more perfect to make than Grandmom’s Chicken Soup.

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Categories: Soups

Spaghetti without the Spaghetti? by Caroyln

This amazing, autumnal garden veg can turn your bolognese into a healthier, gluten and grain-free version!

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Categories: Mains

Chicken Bone Broth by Author

An Instant Pot is my busy mom kitchen go-to. I throw everything in it and I have a warming bone broth in 90 mins. This one truly has much more flavour than your standard bone broth and you can have it warmed in a mug, or add it to any recipe. Keep extra in the fridge or freezer!

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Categories: Soups

The Natural Chef Nourishing Bone Broth by Caroyln

Probably the easiest and most nourishing base you can make for the whole family (including the dog)! I swear by my Instant Pot and it allows me to make a weekly batch of broth with hardly any effort on my part!

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Acai Berry Chia Seed Pudding by

Not only is this a super quick dessert/breakfast to throw together, but it also packs a huge Omega-3 and antioxidant punch!

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Categories: Breakfast Dessert

Gluten Free Christmas Grainola by

I swapped out the usual oats and opted for a combination of gluten-free grains in different textures and the crunch of nuts with a Christmasy sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg.

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Categories: Breakfast

Mexican Dark Chocolate Sauce (Paleo) by Caroyln

Not all chocolate sauces are created equal… have you ever checked the ingredients on a store-bought version? This takes about 5 minutes to throw together and the taste yield is so much more than amazing!

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Categories: Desserts

Cherry Berry Chocolate Anti-Stress Smoothie by Author

De-stress yourself with a quick and easy smoothie blend. Fortified with 6 stress-busting foods, this berry blend will boost your mood and help to calm your cortisol levels in no time.

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Categories: Smoothie

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