Emotional Freedom Technique

Mary-Jane Sharratt

EFT has become a well established technique to reduce stress, and has even been seen on Coronation Street!

It can be used for any strong emotion, including grief, anger, panic or anxiety and is useful even when you are not in that state at the moment.

EFT involves tapping on various points on the head, body and hands which correspond to various acupuncture meridians. The tapping releases the negative emotion that has built up in the energy channel and reduces the intensity of the emotion.

EFT is extremely useful for anyone suffering from a particular fear or phobia. Fear of flying and anxiety about public speaking are common ones, but it can even be concern about eating certain foods, or visiting certain places.

It can also be used to extremely good effect for a past trauma which is still causing problems and blocking someone from moving forwards or from achieving their full potential.

People can be concerned that using EFT will exacerbate their anxiety as it brings it to the surface. This can happen but for a very short time, and as tapping continues the intensity of the emotion subsides. During the session you are supported by a therapist who will use calming techniques if needed.

A series of weekly sessions is often the best way to tackle a specific issue and you will be encouraged to tap on yourself between sessions too. You will begin noticing the benefits immediately after your first session.

Find out more about EFT in this short video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMTKdy1EIlU

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