Our values to you to make your experience at the The Perrymount exceptional

At The Perrymount as a team of practitioners and front desk staff we have crafted these values that we will all hold to when we look after patients and clients. We are a natural health clinic and “DO” natural health therapies, like osteopathy, but we want to share our VALUES with you which is “WHY” we do them and “HOW” we expect to perform for you.

Our Vision

“To bring accessible and outstanding natural healthcare treatment and knowledge to a global audience through multiple sites offering a wide variety, yet individualised service”

Our values

Exceptional “To make our service to you exceptional and unexpectedly brilliant in it’s quality and friendliness for natural health clinic and local business”

Caring - “More than an excellent technical service we strive to be warm, friendly and compassionate when you visit us”

Kaizen - “All practitioners are committed to undergo continued learning and development both professionally & personally to acquire the knowledge to best help their clients”

Future support - “To be a part of your journey back to recreating your health and to then empower you with solutions to continue your health into the future”

Collaboration - “With your permission we may collaborate with the other health professionals at The Perrymount. Collectively we have a huge knowledge base to draw upon to help you”

Holistic - “The Perrymount practitioners recognise that you need symptom relief but for a better, longterm recovery we must also address the cause and so treat the cause, not the symptom”

Individual “As healing arts practitioners we recognise we must treat what person has the illness, not what illness has the person”

Qualified - All practitioners are legally qualified and registered with governing bodies.

Referring - “Our professionals are open to referring you to other professionals within the orthodox medical system if they realise they can assist you better”

Advice - “All practitioners are available for advice to confirm you are making the right treatment choices”

Information “The Perrymount would love to be your first contact for health advice that you, your family or friends may have when considering natural health options”

Communication “Natural healthcare and medical healthcare is full of complicated names and words. At The Perrymount we will make sure you understand thoroughly what we believe your problems are and how we can help in a clear jargon free manner””