Do you have anyone in your family suffering with headaches, sleep problems, depression, anxiety/panic attacks, recurrant infections, fatigue or rashes or unexplained symptoms? Do you feel you are doing all the right things with your health with a healthy diet, supplements, exercise but are stillnot feeling 100%? Could the missing link be your exposure to electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones, baby monitors, WiFi, wireless burglar alarms, Wii's inside your house and perhaps phone masts and satnavs outside your house?

About a year ago I suffered quite severely with electrosensitivity and it took many months - using high dose vitamins, adrenal support and NAET - to recover. I have also completely cleaned up my house in respect to electrical devices, particularly those emitting microwave radiation and I feel all my family's health and sleep has improved as a result. We swapped our cordless phones for traditional wired ones, we replaced WiFi with a wired modem and had several broadband points put in around the house, that we can plug the computer into, that all work from the one wired modem. We ditched the baby monitor. Although my husband has a mobile and Blackberry for work he always turns it off in the house and gives our home number if people need to get hold of him here. We ask guests to make sure their mobiles are off, particularly at night. Mobile phones emit a large burst of microwaves about every 8 minutes when they are switched on, to link in to the local mast, so even if you rarely actually use your phone, while you are carrying it with you, you will be getting irradiated every 8 minutes or so, and the microwaves can be detected up to 6 metres away from the phone, so will also be affecting people around you (babies, children etc). Other sources of this radiation are phone masts (if you can see one from your house you will be getting fairly high levels of radiation) and wireless burglar alarm systems which are becoming increasingly fashionable but emit microwave radiation 24/7.

There may be no conclusive evidence yet that this radiation can cause harm, but equally there are no long term studies into the effect of being "microwaved" 24/7, as the technology is so new, particularly from multiple sources. Indeed, it is our children that are the real guinea pigs in the long term experiment, as many are exposed to WiFi all day at school, to phone masts and digital TV/radio masts in the environment, and are then coming home to houses where WiFi is being left on all day and all night, and multiple mobile phones which people generally don't turn off, even at night. They also may spend a lot of time playing on Wiis (same technology). This combined with the electromagnetic pollution from neighbours' WiFi/mobiles (passive WiFiing!) and perhaps a baby monitor in the room or burglar alarm in the room below and a cordless telephone base close by, means that the level of exposure to this radiation may be astronomical for some babies and children. No studies have been done on the effect of multiple sources of this radiation but basic laws of physics would indicate that the effects will be multiplied greatly with exposure to more than one source.

The expert who came to assess my house when I was ill made a pertinent observation. He said that, generally, if you can clean up your sleeping environment then your body has a good chance of recovering from damage/stress from electromagnetic exposure in the daytime, as sleep is when your body heals and repairs. If, however, you are exposed to these stresses at night then your body cannot heal, and symptoms and problems are more likely to result. I have taken this a step further and made the decision that my house will be a safe haven for my children, where they will not be exposed to this radiation. I cannot control what goes on in the outside world - although I am delighted that their school is NOT WiFied and has no intention of introducing it - but I am confident that their bodies and immune systems will be strong enough to deal with all the electromagnetic pollution in the outside world if the 16 or so hours spent at home, particularly when they are asleep, are radiation free.

I think that, increasingly, avoiding this pollution will become just as important to good health as good nutrition, chemical avoidance, vaccine/drug avoidance etc. are. I fear that in 20-30 years time, when we will see the effect this radiation exposure has had on our children's generation from conception onwards, we will view this pollutant in the same way that we think of smoking and passive smoking. I feel confident that I am doing the best I can to make sure my children are not a statistic in a possible epidemic of early dementia, cancer, immune problems etc. and I am keen that other people at least think about it while they can still change their behaviour.
If you have anyone in your family suffering with headaches, sleep problems, depression, anxiety/panic attacks, recurrant infections, fatigue or rashes or unexplained symptoms, do think about how much exposure to wireless technology they are getting - you can hire meters for a week from the Healthy House (www.healthy-house.co.uk) or www.emfields.org relatively cheaply. These are easy to use and you can assess your house yourself. It is estimated by the government that 35% of the population have mild/moderate electrosensitivity and 3% suffer severely and they believe that those figures will rise to 50% and 5% by 2020 - scary statistics! It was the most frightening experience in my life to suffer from severe electrosensitivity. I feel incredibly fortunate to have recovered and I will not take any risks of it coming back again. It is perfectly possible to live in the modern world without overdosing on this radiation - I do, and I don't feel cut off from modern life in any way!

For a good article about this http://www.healthy house.co.uk/allergy/electromagnetic_stress.php

If you are suffering from electrosensitivity and cleaning up your environment does not fully restore your health, then NAET (Nambutripad's Allergy Elimination Technique) can be a very effective way to help the body recover. It was a central part of my own recovery (alongside nutritional supplementation to deal with Adrenal Fatigue) and I am now a fully qualified NAET Practitioner. For more information about NAET please contact me at The Perrymount Clinic www.theperrymount.com or on lizevans-naet@hotmail.com.