New mums have the worst diets!

Mid Sussex Times, 2015

When babies are brought into me for help with colic, sleep issues or irritability at some point I have a conversation with the mother about her diet and how well she is eating.

I want the mother to eat well for three main reasons.

Firstly, if the mum is breast feeding then certain foods can trigger more wind discomfort in her baby and we investigate isfshe might be over-consuming these triggers.

Secondly, what the mother eats also affects her milk supply in both quantity and quality.

And lastly new mums need to eat well to recover her own health.

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A new mum has just nourished a growing baby for nine months inside them and now they must regain their own health at a busy and often stressful time with their newborn and probably with a good dose of sleep deprivation in the mix too. So new mums should be eating really healthily. But there is a problem I have encountered here. New mums have just about the worst diets of any patients I see!

That’s a fairly sweeping statement but I can really go out on a limb with this one as I ask new mums every day and it’s always a similar answer. A new mum’s diet goes something like this cereal, sandwich, toast, pasta, chocolate. So many times I say this to mums and they reply, “I actually had cereal for dinner too”.

Does this sound like you?

I have even had many of them give me diet diaries and I have spent time analysing them just to see how badly they ate.

After doing this analysis I came up with 8 major trends which I have written a separate e-book about.

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Here a couple of the main points I discovered:

1) Amazingly most mums were eating TOO FEW calories. In some cases they were way under, if fact the calories consumed were similar to a strict weight loss diet. This is not beneficial to a new mum’s breast milk if feeding this way and their own health and hormone balance.

Having a low blood sugar actually causes weight loss to slow anyway so it’s not even the best or safest way to lose weight.

2) Not only were mums hardly eating what they were eating was just about all carbohydrates. Fine to keep their energy up but not balanced at all in this time where their body’s will be desperately needing protein and fat too. Also, because new mums repetitively ate a very similar diet every day the variety of vitamins and minerals they consumed was also consistently deficiency in many areas.

3) This was further confirmed by the forty or so mums I asked only averaging 2.5 fruit and vegetable portions per day.

Oops! I think most of us know that 5-a-day is the recommended portions per day although 8 portions is shown to be even more beneficial to our health.

If you are a new mum I hope this will influence you to eat better and look after yourself a bit more during this time where you have to be on top form and top health for your new baby.

My complete mother and baby help e-book package contains the full results from my analysis and also an e-book on how to eat well, specifically written for new mothers and on top of this a food guide and recipe plan to really help you out with your eating!

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Christian has been an osteopath and naturopath for 19 years. He set up The Perrymount Clinic in 2009 and specialises in treating babies and children. The Perrymount has won numerous awards and Christian has won the prestigious Complementary and Alternative Medicine practitioner “Community” award for his work with babies. Christian’s mission is to educate parents so they understand there is help for them and their crying, upset, not sleeping baby. In 2014 Christian wrote the book Calming Colic - How To Help The 10 Causes of Colic & since has written numerous other e-books all focused on helping mother and baby. This book is available to purchase at and you will receive 6 other mother and baby help e-books completely free. Calming Colic takes you through all the reasons a baby can be upset and hoe to help them immediately and even with their future health because colic can be a predictor of future health issues.

The 90 page Calming Colic book is available to purchase as paperback or download.

Watch a video on the top causes of your baby being colicky, upset, crying and not sleeping by clicking below.

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Are you struggling with your baby? Did this article help you understand why your baby is upset? We can help! If you live local to Haywards Heath then you may like to bring your baby in for help, if so call us on 01444 410944 or fill out the form below and we will call you back soon. If you aren’t local then your next best option is to purchase The Happy Baby Project which contains all the advice I give parents on how to help their baby now and into the future.

The 90 page Calming Colic book is available to purchase as paperback or download.

Watch a video on the top causes of your baby being colicky, upset, crying and not sleeping by clicking below.

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Just a few of the testimonials from happy mothers and babies achieved by using cranial osteopathy and the guidance in the book Calming Colic and the 6 baby help e-books written by Christian Bates

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