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Do you have questions and worries about your baby? I have made lots of videos to help you.

Click on the links below to watch the videos. Start with the ones that you feel are most important but watch all of them if possible as they interlink, especially the ones about C-section / antibiotics / probiotics and breast feeding

Feeding videos (formula and breast milk)

Did you have a C-section? Watch these first

Epigenetic changes after C-section. Don’t know what that means? Don’t worry I will explain all and you will want to know this!

Did you have a forceps or ventouse delivery?

Does your baby have lots of hiccups? This can guide a cranial osteopath to help them. Here’s why..

Did you or your baby have antibiotics? Watch these first

This is a video about your baby’s “micro biome”. Basically it’s gut bacteria. Especially important to watch if you had antibiotics or C-section

Look after you baby with probiotics

Cranial osteopathy videos

Videos specific to colic

Toddler help

Does your baby suffer reflux or silent reflux? Start with these

Have you tried the thicker anti-reflux formula and it made your baby worse? It’s often the case. Watch this video to understand why

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