Layla Justice

Ayurveda Practitioner

Layla is a qualified Ayurveda practitioner working at The Perrymount Clinic. She offers individual nutrition and lifestyle advice to balance mind with body and spirit to discover a healthy way of living that not only eases ailments, but also prevents disease developing. Ayurveda is a life long path to regain and maintain your health through natural remedies, lifestyle changes and food choices.

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Initial Consultation (allow for an hour) £50
Follow up consultation (allow for 30 mins) £30
Herb tablets, powders and other remedies are additional and offered after a consultation on an individual basis.


Ayurveda hot oil massage with chakra and marma point stimulation;
Full Body; Front, Back and Head (90 mins) £70
Back & Head (60 mins) £55
Head & Neck (45 mins) £40

The type of oils are chosen specifically to the clients constitution and imbalances where appropriate. The oils help to stimulate healing, and create a calmness along with the massage techniques used. There are two main aims of Ayurveda massage. They are to stimulate digestion and eliminate toxins. By stimulating digestion we actively create a healthy system throughout. This is also the main aim of the nutrition recommendations. Everything begins with the body’s digestive system, the agni.

Layla is at The Perrymount at these times

Wednesday afternoons, 1.30 - 6pm

To book an appointment please call 01444 410944 or click here to book online

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