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Helping school children have better spine health & posture

Is your child's posture being affected by these?

  • School work
  • Heavy school bags
  • Lot’s of sports
  • Hunched over screens and phones
  • At computer screens

At The Perrymount we take pride in looking after the whole family, from babies that are days old through to those babies mums, the new mums parents and the parents parents!

So many modern lifestyle factors unfortunately tend to be detrimental to our health and looking after ourselves now requires more effort to avoid the negatives and actively get into our life positive health choices.

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In this Blog I’d like to look at how technology is affecting our school children’s posture. Most school children now have a lot of daily screen time whether it is an phone, iPad, laptop or some other device. Gone are the days where parents are saying stop watching TV and go out and play. It’s now get off your phone and go out and play (or maybe watch TV for a change)!

My main point to get across here is that children’s spines will adapt easily to these bad postures. On a positive note though they will respond really well to treatment too. The second point is that a postural problem probably won’t necessarily be painful as it creeps up slowly, a tiny bit each day. This is a chronic problem rather than an acute one.

An acute injury is painful, you might do it lifting something heavy, or falling over or playing sports. Because a postural problem isn’t painful initially the changes can occur without the indicator of pain until the body is unable to compensate anymore. At this point there is the “straw that broke the camels back” situation where something relatively simple causes lots of pain. It isn’t really the simple thing that causes all the pain, is the long term bad posture that is the actual culprit behind the scenes.

Research shows that holding and reading a phone in front of you is like having an 8 year old sit on your shoulders. That’s bad enough if you are an adult, but what if you actually are an 8 year old? That really is a lot of strain for a young neck and shoulders.

What our osteopath’s will offer is a full spine and skeletal check up to see if muscular or spinal adaptions are taking place, treatment to help correct them and then advice to maintain a healthy posture and spine into the future. We will also throughly explain everything to you so you can be actively involved in this and gently encourage your children to change their posture. We will also provide a visual handout and treatment plan (if required) for you to take home.

This technology is here to stay so we need to educate our school children at a younger age now about how to actively look after themselves. Our osteopaths at The Perrymount are passionate about making sure we look after the whole family.

Call 01444 410944 to book our special school child spine check up or click here to book online:

Do you recognise any of these postures?

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